If you are a firearms enthusiast, Las Vegas has a number of great desert target shooting locations. If you’re into shooting guns and looking for somewhere around Las Vegas to shoot your rifles, shotguns or handguns, here is a helpful map.
Please note: Shooting inside the Las Vegas Valley and all incorporated cities is illegal, except when on an approved range.

WARNING: As you can see on the map, there are a number of spots in the deserts surrounding Las Vegas where you can shoot. That being said, you are doing so at your own risk. Many of these spots require a 4-wheel drive vehicle and many I would not recommend as they have been over run by complete morons who have zero care for the basic rules of firearm safety. We stopped going after having bullets zip right over our head on a couple of occasions and people using the sites as dump sites for trash.

Are there Safer Outdoor Desert Shooting Options or Gun Ranges around Las Vegas?

If you are looking for a safe, outdoor desert shooting range we recommend a couple of really awesome spots.


The Clark County shooting complex

The Clark County shooting complex is one of the most impressive outdoor ranges in Nevada. The range features:

  • A Shotgun Center features 23 well maintained Trap & Skeet fields and one 5-Stand field.
  • East and West Sporting Clays Course with a great view of the Las Vegas Valley. 
  • Rifle-Pistol Center features shooting out to 200 yards.
  • Archery course where you can shoot out to 100 yards.

 Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club

 Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club

The Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club is a bit outside Las Vegas, but well worth the drive! The public range features:

  • Members Range: To get to the members range, take the left fork past the High Power Rifle 1,000 yard line. Then take the left gate at the four-way intersection. Follow the road behind the High Power Rifle 600 yard line and to the north to reach the member range Action Pits.
  • Silhouette Range: To getto the silhouette range, take the left fork past the High Power Rifle 1,000 yard line. Then proceed through the east gate at the four-way intersection. The silhouette range is located just past the four-way intersection.
  • Members Shotgun Area: Members can use the shotgun area in the courtesy range which is located to the south of shooting bay 10. Please check with the RSO if the courtesy range is open to the public.
  • Courtesy Range: To get to the courtesy range, take the right fork past the High Power Rifle 1,000 yard line. The courtesy range is just past the stop sign, park at the Range Safety Officer office and check in with the Range Safety Officer.
  • Training Area: To get to the training area, take the right fork past the High Power Rifle 1,000 yard line. After the courtesy range stop sign, turn left. The training classrooms A and B and bays A and B are located at the north end of the courtesy range parking area.
  • Trap Range: To get to the trap range, take the right fork past the High Power Rifle 1,000 yard line. The trap range is to the right of the stop sign and to the west of the Range Safety Officer office.

The Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club range does not have a street address, these coordinates will locate the range via Goggle Earth and other systems: 35° 57’ 16.49″ North by 114° 47’ 56.34″ West. The GPS coordinates are 35.952867, -114.797355.

Desert Shooting Laws

Shooting targets with a rifle in the desert near Las Vegas

If you decide not to shoot at one the the public ranges, and decide to trek out onto BLM land, please be aware of all local, state, and federal laws.

Clark County Code (12.04.230) prohibits discharge of firearms (except for self-defense) off of established target ranges. 2019 update.

Discharge is prohibited within: 

  • One-half mile (1/2 mile) of every state highway, interstate, or US highway
  • 500 feet from every other roadway
  • 500 feet from any improved or maintained trail, campground, or picnic area
  • The areas where hunting is prohibited (NAC 504.340
  • Glass targets are prohibited.

Las Vegas Valley Shooting Closure Map

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